Being from Central New York, Hofmann brand Snappys (we call it a "Coney", some call them "white hots")
and German Franks or Red Hots are a staple of the area cuisine. A small diner in Liverpool, NY called Heid’s
has served these one of a kind Hot Dogs since 1917.
I grew up on them and until the 80's they only offered a deli mustard from a tub and used a paint stick to put
it on them. (No catsup was available) Ice cold chocolate milk was one of the beverages of choice.

Over the years they have been served up all over the area. Hofmann Sausage Company has been in business
since 1879
and is still family owned & operated.

Since moving to Texas in 1976 I’ve frequently had mass quantities of these uniquely delectable flavored
Franks & Coneys brought down from my visits back there or when family comes to visit.
The premium meat & natural casings give you the snap you don't get from your ordinary store-bought hot dog.
I’ve always shared these with friends and they keep asking me when I’m going to get more “Dougie Dogs”.
("only my beeches call me Dougie")

So... I came up with where I can take orders and share them with you.


“Try one, you'll be glad you did! They are One of a Kind”.

Dougie Dogs are being served at various establishments in the area. Click Here to see a list.

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Video About "Heids of Liverpool" on YouTube.


Props to Skippy & Jody for asking when the Dougie Dogs are coming.

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